John Xydakis - Delivering Counsel as Attorney in Wide Ranging Cases

John Xydakis is a Chicago attorney with extensive experience across criminal and civil law. Conversant in all phases of litigation, attorney John Xydakis often represents clients seeking justice and fair restitution in cases involving fraud, medical malpractice, and civil rights.

Mr. Xydakis completed his juris doctor at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law, and received the Corpus Juris Secundum award for achieving the highest grade in classes. He also contributed to the school’s law review, and has since been published by the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.

As an attorney, Mr. Xydakis makes every effort to ensure a fair and level playing field across the legal system, and he has taken on powerful interests in several cases. In one instance, his work revealed an improper relationship existing between the presiding judge and an attorney working on the case. John Xydakis has also taken on class action casework, including one successful judgment that held a major automotive company responsible for inflating invoices.

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John Xydakis
Chicago, IL US